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i feel like i am watching a magical girl transformation


i feel like i am watching a magical girl transformation

(via hyamei)

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On Sticking To It PART 002

That alphabet made my belly burn. Day 2 done.

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Random Ramblings: On Sticking To It PART 001

Just downloading tomorrow’s workout vids then I’m off to sleep. Yes, I am actually making a conscious effort to workout. I’ve been wanting to feel and look healthier and that means a “slight” lifestyle change.

It’s probably too early to really say I’m really “sticking to it” but I’ve learned that starting something good will probably change a few habits I should have gotten rid of long ago. 

In case you’re wondering, for exercises I’m trying out Pilates based on this. (Ignore the title btw XD) Their YT channel was recommended by a friend then I found that they had a workout calendar for beginners. Finished DAY 1 today, it was challenging yet doable. I’m sure as I go along I’ll build up more stamina. Let’s see if I can get through 4 weeks of this. But personally, I like how the routine feels like I’m back doing some of ballet warmups back when I still danced. 

Btw, I don’t think I’m fat. I’m probably the proper weight for my height but it doesn’t mean I have the same energy has I had 5 years ago. It’s the energy and alertness that I want back. 

So far, I’m proud to say I think I’ve started my year on a good foot. I’ve begun by decluttering my room. It’s almost done so I can focus on budgeting later this week. I’ve been very disappointed with my spending habits since I graduated and I will not allow it to continue for much more. I have too many vacations, investments, seminars, gifts, and personal projects I could do with money I earn or save. I’ll probably find out about time deposits and concentrate on building up with small deposits at a time before trying out investing.


I will be using my tumblr to occasionally assess my progress so I hope you guys don’t mind seeing an occasional block of text on your dash. 
These posts will not make sense sometimes btw. I’m gonna exercise both mentally and physically this year fo sho.

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I wonder where I can take 30 minute walks in the SDA without being too weird. I wanna exercise and not just sit at my work station all day.

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Boy, my arm will hurt tomorrow. I just know it.

Had my first Arnis lesson today!

I was lucky enough to have Arnis for my PE two years ago but this is the first time in so long I’ve actually held the sticks and learned new combinations.

I’m still a newbie to it but I love how practical this martial art is. The movements though usually done with sticks, may be used for hand-to-hand combat and regular items. Doesn’t hurt that this art started here in my country, the Philippines. I love the flow of the movements I learned today. Learning the moves feels like learning a dance.

What I learned in my PE years ago was more on a pattern yet today really felt like it’s traditional Arnis… the kind people could use to fight in real life with.

I’m still hoping and wishing one day, I could make or help make a movie that features Arnis and maybe Balisong (Knife fighting) as it’s main fighting style… *dreams*

Anyways, I will really push through filming an action sequence with my friend and a prof. Not actually sure if the scene would have a story or would it just be a practice to capture the actions. Either way, this will be fun ~

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