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Random thought OUAT’s Rumpelstiltskin and AVENGER’s Loki should met. I can only imagine the two trying to outsmart each other. You wouldn’t know if they’re working together or if Rumpel is there for a deal or what…

I gotta really continue watching OUAT and watch Avengers for the 3rd time.

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Intelligence is sexy.

I think I realized one more reason why Loki is camping in my mind atm. Seriously, without all that “mischief” and craziness, he is one intelligent character.

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[AVENGERS] Alright. I promise myself I’ll doodle or draw Loki myself maybe after I watch the movie a 3rd time but this time in 3D.

Seriously, maybe its the part of Loki’s character where I feel like he’s just a lost little baby that make me so fascinated with him atm. My motherly instincts have overcome my senses with this one, me thinks.


Maybe it’s cause it’s nice to see a difference of body structure in the Movie. I mean, it’s great to see nicely built bodies but at the same time, Loki’s “straved” look made a really good contrast to the others in the film. It also help heighten the emotional part of Tom Hiddleston’s acting because the audience can already see what Loki was feeling on the spiritual  or emotional level via his appearance. I really liked the explanation of Tom when he said that Loki has this wound in his heart from what had happened in “Thor” but now in “Avengers” that wound has healed into a scar. It’s hardened him.

That actually makes me wanna watch “Thor” again because at that time I did feel like Loki was the “confused” villain. At some parts, he did believe he was doing the right thing for his home but at the same time, he was envious. Then other parts showed how he did love his father very much (though I can’t still recall if I thought it was an act or it was real emotion on Loki’s side).

Ugh… I should just make a review on this movie when I have the time… After I draw Loki/watch the movie a third time. Yes. That’s when.

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I have never really wanted my OCs drawn by other people except a couple of times, even fave characters…

…but I’m itching to ask people draw me Loki.

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I’ve made up my mind.

Gonna find time to re-watch Avengers again but in 3D this time. There’s something about this movie that’s addicting to me… Or maybe it’s just cause I want to enjoy the time I have before I get back to “reality”.


[AVENGERS] 2nd time I watched the Avengers, I kept getting distracted by Robert Downy Jr.’s make up when he is in the suit…

… he’s wearing white eyeshadow or liner. Probably so that you focus on his eyes more or to make them look “brighter” even in that kind of lighting.

Yes, my MMA training kicks in a lot. Also, FACE OFF has made me more curious about movie make up…

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[AVENGERS] There’s something about Loki I just find fascinating.

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